MAXiiMUS P16 -

Maximization of natural energy
The MAXiiMUS derives its energy from the permanent flow of electrons from nature. This flow of electrons is caused by the difference in potential between the ionosphere and the earth. The strong Tachyon field in the accumulators inside the MAXiiMUS acts as an antenna which derives electrons from this potential difference and injects them directly into the circuit. This process enhances the efficiency of the electricity, which in turn leads to less power consumption. Audio/video sets will significantly benefit from this process too!

  • Single phase parallel unit
  • Plug&Play, no additional costs for installing
  • Raises efficiency of electricity
  • Optimises natural energy in homes and buildings 
  • Harmonises low frequeny and high frequency elektrosmog
  • Repolarises underground water lines and other geopathic disturbances
  • Very long service life, doesn't need any maintenance 
  • Environmentally friendly - energy consumption near zero
  • Wall mounting as a standard, foot for vertical erection supplied
  • Size of energy field created: approximate 13 m / 43 ft.
  • Length of power cord 1.5 m / 5 ft.
  • Color white (RAL 9016)
  • Weight 4.7 kg / 10 lbs.
  • Sizes 32.3x18.8x6.2 cm / 12.7x7.4x2.4" (without bottom plate) 

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