Johan van der Sluijs from Den Haag, the Netherlands (translated by JvP) -

On the basis of a review in the Dutch audio magazine Home Studio I purchased all three Kemp Plugs at once. Well, I have to share with you that this trio drastically changed my audio system. The output level of my subwoofer now is halved and the bass is more taut and (much) deeper than before (and less thumpy too). I have first tested the Plugs one at a time. My findings are that the SNS-Plug gives composure, detail, authenticity and -foremost- better dynamics. The QA-Plug yields spaciousness, retrieval of fine detail amd a much more musical presentation. The SR-Plug results in an cleaner, more detailled and rather effortless sound. Clearly, these Plugs show synergy; they enhance each other only in a positive manner. Considering these enormous effects, I regard the investment of less than 500 euros as relatively inexpensive. The only disadvantage I can think of was having to buy an extra power strip to accomodate these Plugs.