ULTIMATE POLARITY CHECKER - Ultimate Polarity Checker mains power MFE v/d van den Hul van Medevoort scout 1902

Determine the polarity the easy way

It is a well-known phenomenon in the high-end community: the orientation of the mains plug is decisive for the sound quality of the component connected to the mains. However, many people don't have this in order, because they simply are not aware of this problem. The problem is further aggravated because many audiophiles don't know how to use a multimeter. Experienced listeners may be able to do this by just listening, but it is a laborious and time consuming task this way.

Finally it has arrived: a highly effective and easy to use device, to be used by anyone. It is called the ULTIMATE POLARITY CHECKER, or UPC.

  • Anyone is able to determine the phase of audio components in a three stage process
  • For audio as well as video equipment
  • Shows you the phase of your outlets, including Belgian and French outlets
  • Shows the right phase of your audio components
  • Also suitable for audio components without a grounded power plug
  • Will improve the overall performance of your set
  • Doesn't require a battery, always ready to use

Please note: The UPC is available in Schuko plug and 230V version only. The Schuko plug is the only plug that can be rotated 180 degrees as needed.

Ultimate Polarity Checker; € 195,00