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The most effective shunt conditioner

The SNS PLUG is a unique product on the market. In a very simple and affordable way, a cleaner and thus better mains power is provided for your A/V set. All components benefit from this. The result is a clearly improved reproduction in all aspects.

Plug and Play, it can't be easier.

We are surrounded by electrical appliances more and more. Computers, peripheral equipment, wireless telephones, chargers, multiple TV sets, games consoles, microwave ovens, dishwashers etc. are common in most modern houses. All these appliances pollute the mains with noise and distortion. This pollution has a very strong and highly underestimated negative effect on the sound and picture quality of any audio/video system. The SNS PLUG is the most simple and effective way to reduce mains pollution. It has been one of our most successful products for years with thousands of satisfied customers.

  • Shunt filter, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Super fast reaction speed covering an ultra-wide frequency range, up to almost 1 Gigahertz/cycles
  • Lowers the shunt AC line impedance
  • 7 stages provide the best performance
  • Over voltage and surge protector
  • WA-Quantum and Creaktiv Systems Chips internal
  • Potted in Akiko Audio Tuning mix (minirals) and a resin to prevent microphonic effects
  • Can be combined without any problem with all other audio mains related products
  • Easy 'plug and play' installation

SNS PLUG, Schuko contacts; € 150,00
SNS PLUG, US contacts; € 150,00
SNS PLUG, UK contacts; € 150,00
SNS MODULE; € 150,00
Combipack SNS, QA & SR PLUG; € 500,00