POWER DC X-TERMINATOR - DC offset hum transformer noise brom

Prevents, or solves, mechanical humming of transformers

DC-offset is always present on the mains, although not always to a great extent. The smallest amount however, creates a restlessness in your sound and vision. Direct Current on the mains is caused by asymmetrical loads, for example a hairdryer at half power. Also printers, photo copiers and espresso-machines are known for their DC-generating properties. It causes cores in audio-power transformers to saturate, causing them to hum. Another point is, when peak currents are drawn, distortion will rise to an unacceptable level. After the removal of DC offset, transformers will be able to deliver large peak-currents undistorted. This results in more dynamics and will boost your dynamic power.

  • Removes DC-offset from the mains, eliminates humming and bad performing transformers
  • Power capability up to 2000 Watts
  • SNS MODULE incorporated
  • Improves the power factor, thus reducing your power consumption
  • Over voltage and surge protector
  • Weight 1,2 kgs (2,6 lbs.)
  • Dimensions 125 X 85 X 165 mm
  • Dimensions 5 X 3,5 X 6,5 inch
  • 1 m (3 ft.) HI POWER CORD supplied