COMPANY - Ronald Timmo Jhanet Eliana

Our company was founded in 1999 and is located in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. We at KE are audiophiles, heart and soul. The reason why we aim our centre of attention at the mains, is because this is often the weakest link in any A/V chain. In the future it is likely to become even more distorted, due to the enormous increase in use of electronic apparatus and wireless communications equipment.

Audio/video equipment improves every year. The mains does not. That is why our slogan is:


Many audio/video lovers are spending too much money inspired by their dissatisfaction with their audio and video equipment. Our philosophy is to start at the source: the mains. When the mains are cleared from distortion you will notice that your equipment has been changed completely. An other highly understated problem is the acoustics of your listening room. When these above mentioned problems are solved you can (if you still feel the need to), continue to improve your A/V set.

The design of our products is first done at our laboratory, this is followed by tuning by ear through listening to every modification and component that is added and/or adjusted at our audio-test-set. We always take the time a component needs to be worked in, into account. For this we take at least a month. Several people will attend a listening session, so that not the preference of one person will dominate. The testing will take place at several locations as well to prevent the working of our products is limited to a specific set. The testing is performed with both simple and more sophisticated audio/video sets (e.g. transistor and tube). Further on the music that is used ranges from pop to classical. We also include plasma TV's and LCD projectors in our comparisons, to check for the impacts on video (and associated audio).

After each modification of our design we again go back to the previous ones taken by removing them step-by-step, checking if they are still an improvement.

Ronald Kemp, founder of Kemp Elektroniks, has been playing the piano a lot in the past. He has been attending live music for the past 20 years on a near-daily basis now, keeping his reference for his products up to date. The piano is his most important reference (dynamics and timbre), but he also listen to all kinds of other music...